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St. Lukes Harsh Strokes

Video: St. Lukes Harsh Strokes
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Studio: California Star Productions
In "Schoolgirl Spectacular" we witnessed the harsh ways in which the Head Girl at St. Luke's dealt with wayward pupils. It's another day and Barrett decides to have Mrs. Rubaix, the janitor called into the office. The trophies for this afternoon's presentation are in disrepair and won't be back in time. Infuriated, some ruthless hand spanking is followed by numerous hard strokes from the cane. This ensures that Mrs. Rubaix will be reeling from her incompetence for several weeks afterwards.

Later that day Barrett's tennis partner, Herbert, comes to her quarters and explains that she will not be able to play with her hurt foot. Barrett is in no mood for excuses and threatens her with the cane. As Head Girl she is entitled to do as she pleases! The tearful Herbert has no option. Both her foot and bare bottom will be in pain very shortly.

Stars: Barrett, Herbert

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