Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time



This is one our favourite clips from this session. Bitchy mistress really shines like a true star here. she throws her slave to the floor and opens a big litre carton of peach yoghurt milk and starts to drink it, well when i say drink i actually mean spew it all over the slaves face! Mistress is very active in this clip, she starts off straddling him and then stand over him locking his head in-between her tall black boots as she continues to throw the drunk yoghurt all over his gullible looking face. the mistress goes through the whole carton of yoghurt gobbing it all over him. the slave is completely drenched in the thick yoghurt. he ends up lying in a wide puddle of thick white juice spat out from the mistresses mouth. when the carton is finally finished the mistress forces the slave to stand up. the slave stands up with his eyes closed because the acid from the yoghurt is stinging them. she tells him to walk to the kitchen to wash himself as he is completely dripping in juice. he walks over to the kitchen with eyes shut not knowing he was walking towards the camera looking completely foolish. the mistress then gets very mad at him because he has got yoghurt on her dress and boots. she takes a high heeled shoe and starts slapping his face very hard with the sole of the shoe, she then forces him to the ground and gives him a few hard strokes of the cane on the back of his arse. top clip.... very top clip!

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