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Spanks For The Memories

Video: Spanks For The Memories
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Studio: Bondage Maidens
Ohhhh, spanks for the memories, of Master Warlock stern and mean, of Darling petite and lean, of Bondage maidens bringing us real people in the scene, we spank you so much!

Spankalicious tidings to one and all and welcome to Bondage maidens "red cheek theatre" brought to you by the not ready for kind time players. As we open this cornucopia of corporal delight, we find dainty Darling hogtied and struggling, just waiting for her master to come home and give her the attention she both deserves and craves.

Master Warlock soon arrives and what follows is a whirlwind of vibratory forced orgasm, pussy spanking, handprints on her ass cheeks yummyness... care for a bite?

Stars: Darling, Master Warlock

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