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Apron Stings

We see the Range Rover arriving home, bringing the niece to stay with her aunt at the end of term. Auntie tells the niece that this favour to her sister has upset her own holiday plans and, as she is a maid short at present, Jane will not be allowed to idle during the school holidays. Her first task is to clear up the kitchen and then bring tea to auntie on the terrace.

Tara's Been Overspending

Tara has been taking advantage of James' credit cards and he has left her in handcuffs doing the housework. On his return, she pleads with him to remove the handcuffs, which have caused her to scratch the table. This revelation provokes James to commence a sound over-the-knee spanking with Tara still complaining about the handcuffs.

Red Royce Rolls 2

James and Tara Wentworth return from a business lunch where Tara has apparently been less than polite to the host's staff. The classic Rolls Royce arrives home with the couple having words about the earlier incident. James has had enough of arguing so he proceeds to bend Tara over the bonnet of the Rolls Royce where she is given a thorough spanking.

Tara's Naughty Friend

We first met James and Tara Wentworth in Red Rolls Royce 2. This time Tara's friend, Linda, arrives at the front door in a distressed state, having been thrown out of the house by her husband, Bill. It transpires that Linda has "borrowed" some money from her employers and has been discovered before she has repaid the "loan". They are now threatening prosecution if this money is not repaid within 24 hours.

Punishment or Pleasure

James leaves for work and immediately returns to ask Tara where her car is. She explains that it got scratched in the car park yesterday and is being repaired. As James is leaving again, the phone rings; it is the crash recovery company to warn about the cost and difficulties of removing the car from the front window of the supermarket.

Tara's Lazy Maids

James is ill in bed and frantically ringing for the maids; said maids, however, are taking advantage of Tara's absence and are at ease in the lounge, assisted by some of James' champagne and ignoring his bell in the process. Tara returns home to find James still unattended; she then proceeds to locate Prudence and Ermintrude, berating them suitably and then subjecting each in turn to a thorough spanking. Prudence is then sent for the punishment strap, as Ermintrude protests that she is only the junior maid. This makes no difference to Tara's subsequent strapping of each of the girls, suitably positioned over a stool. Prudence is then sent for the cane, which is applied to both, now bared, bottoms.

Tara's Been Arrested

James' work is interrupted by a phone call advising him that Tara and her friend, Linda, have been arrested for a credit card irregularity. He negotiates with his Chief Constable friend to carry out a suitable punishment at home. A constable delivers the errant girls and James decides that they should spank each other whilst he discusses the forthcoming punishment with the officer. The girls are startled by this demand but carry out the order with much blaming of each other for the situation they are in.

Stars: Tara, Linda, James

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