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Spanking – Sophia And Jessica’s Punishment Diary

Video: Spanking - Sophia And Jessica's Punishment Diary
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Studio: DOM Promotions
Haven't you always wanted to read the diary of a school girl? We have something even naughtier, a punishment diary. Sophia and Jessica document their week of caning and spanking. Not only does their teacher dole out the blows to the bums, he makes each girl discipline the other. We could say that beating your best friend's ass hurts as bad as taking a beating yourself, but we all know that is not true.

At the end of the last journal entry, the teacher makes the girls lift up their school girl skirts and paddles and canes the two blonde pupils until their rear ends look like little tomatoes begging for forgiveness. Come and relive Sophia and Jessica's week of punishment.

Stars: Sophia, Jessica, Sir

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