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Spanking Little Brother

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Studio: Bijou Video
In Little Brothers, Kevin Glover gives kid brother Kit Jordan a good, old-fashioned country spanking. Kevin Gladstone gives his brother a spanking for calling him nerdy. Finally, Gladstone screws up a customer's order and Glover bends him over, boxers down for a man-to-man butt whacking with a ping pong paddle.

Denim and Leather features a comic tale of scripts, role playing and lots of butt whacking by a cocky Rob Jarvis, dressed in leather chaps and vest, and by Little Mike, a big, beefy, furry body builder.

The third movie, Model Behavior, pits photographer Kevin Gladstone against model Cory Monroe who needs it bad. Gladstone also beats his nephew Andy McGillis's butt and then beats Monroe's butt a second time. Hot hand action!

Stars: Cory Monroe, Kevin Gladstone, Kevin Glover, Rob Jarvis, Mario Avanti, More...

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