Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time



Spanked!!! KATRINA'S HARD SPANKING WON'T STOP UNTIL HE CUMS FOR HER... HE MUST TRY TO EJACULATE BEFORE HIS ASS IS BEATEN RAW!!!!! THE RESULT? HE CUMS IN 2 MINUTES WHILE SHE SPANKS HIS ASS WITHOUT MERCY!!!! Katrina is in a "Spanking" mood!!! She has this boy up against a wall.....and She is going to Blast his sperm off the wall!!!!! One "twist" however.......while She is Jerking his cock with one hand....She is Violently Smacking his ass with the other hand!!! Katrina will not stop the Hard Spanking until he the boy is in a tough spot.....The Hard Smacks on his ass from Katrina's left hand are painful...but they will not stop until he he must try to concentrate on the Jerking from Katrina's right hand! What a dilemma! Apparently, Katrina's right hand was too much...he ejaculated in 2 She increases Her Spanking during his orgasm to a furious level...making sure that he spits out his cum for Her...without receiving any pleasure!! Don't you just LOVE it when a Girl takes all a boy's cum away from him...without him getting any pleasure? Ha Ha Ha!! Chicks SOOOO Rule!!! WARNING : This may be the Hottest thing you've seen this year....and only $2.99!!! Best deal on clips4sale....Don't miss it!!!

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