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Studio: California Star Productions
At the local nightclub, the manager notices that one of the table dancers has given her telephone number out to one of the patrons. Strictly forbidden, and not the first time she has informed the dancer of her improper behavior, she decides to administer some old fashioned corporal punishment.

But to her dismay, during the course of her bare bottomed spanking she notices that the dancer has become sexually aroused. Not wishing to give her sexual pleasure, but instead an impromptu lesson, she grabs a stiff paddle and uses it in the harshest of manners. But this too seems to give our dancer an unexpected sexual pleasure.

Meanwhile, a female worker for a cleaning service has come too late to do all the required duties for an upcoming party. Reprimanded by the owner she is spanked in the steam room, paddled hard over the plunge pool, cruelly caned in the reception area, and finally released to accomplish her chores for the party.

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