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Studio: Clare Fonda Productions
Chloe was so excited about all the money she made that she thought she could be a "Chatty Cathy" but Clare is in a bad mood- not to mention sometimes she's a bit jealous of these young bitches. Chloe gets a hot bottom. Beverly is one of Clare's most reliable call girls. She shows the guys a good time in bed and looks hot as hell, but when she has been spending time with a rival pimp, she's over her boss' knee for a good bare bottom spanking. This has to be done from time to time even with the most seasoned working girl, and the tough and sexy ones like Beverly need it with the hairbrush. Clare set Beverly up with a spanking client who blistered her ass. She smacks the older woman's bare bottom and gives her a hairbrush spanking. At the end of the day, Clare is still boss though and washes fork tongued Bev's mouth out with soap. Ashley Edmonds is a sexy little exhibitionist and her spanking has put her in the mood, so she shows Sarah- who is over Clare's knee- what a real slut does. This slut training ends in a paddling for both bad girls.

Stars: Clare, Sarah Gregory, Ashley Edmonds, Beverly Bacci, Chloe Elise Bare

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