Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time



Mistress Trish is resting her legs on slave aaron's back admiring the bite and scratch marks that she just gave him when she decides to turn her attention to his ass. She orders the cuffed, happily disoriented, slave over her knee so that she can enjoy giving him a firm open handed spanking. With the slave over her laps she runs her fingernails over his taunt little ass, admiring how "adorable" her canvas is. She begins lightly, alternating resonant slaps with the pleasure of running her fingernails over the developing textures. Clasping the slave firmly in place by his cuffed hands she increases the sting of her hand. By the time Trish has layered a warm pink glow of bruising on slave aaron's cheeks she delivers the last fifty firm and incessant spanks.

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