Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


She saved her Job M/F – full length for broadband

She comes in for her 90 day performance review and finds out that her Boss thinks she is to straight laced for the work environment. He tells her that the other employees are all uncomfortable around her and that it has been a damper on office morale. He tells her that everyone is used to being very relaxed and open in the company and she does not fit in well so he is going to have to let her go. She asks how she can save her job . . . He tells her that she will have to pay the price for having been to prudish by taking a spanking. She bends over the desk and he warms her up over her dress. Once he pulls her dress up to expose her sexy ass he really starts to let her have it. Her ass turns a beautiful shade of red and she has her feet dancing around as she tries her best to take the spanking and save her job. This is a very sexy male spanks female scene and you have to see her sexy ass bounce as each slap lands and turns it even more red!

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