Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


She Prefers Red

Looking dangerously sexy in a tight red and black latex top, red velvet panties, and Her fierce six-inch platform peep-toe stilettos, Mistress Trish wants slave elihu's ass cheeks to match Her outfit. She grasps the slave firmly over Her knee and spanks and straps his ass. Quickly imprinting Her warm sting, and a more aesthetically pleasing color of red, onto Her accessory. She graces his throbbing cheeks with hundreds of full-force muscular spanks. And then, when slave elihu is nicely tenderized, Trish shades Her trembling work with the red hot sting of Her stiff strap. While belting him hard, Trish sees his balls peeking out between his maroon thighs. She accuses the slave of "asking for it" as She turns, as She straps, his balls into bright quivering red berries as well. Ten final full-force baseball-swing beatings with the strap, and the slave's ass shines as brightly, as brilliantly, as his Mistress' latex and Her radiantly pleased smile.

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