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She bets her ass M/F full length for Broadband

Giant 720 x 480 video for your viewing pleasure She was so confident last year when they made the bet. She had the new account all set and she was going to be the top sales person in the company. She was feeling very full of herself and quite boastful. When he suggested that he was going to beat her that year she stated . . . "If you beat me you can beat my ass and vice versa!" He agreed to the bet. Why oh why did she make that stupid bet? Now she has lost and has to pay up. Her poor bottom. She has not been spanked since she was a very young child. Now she will be draped helplessly across his strong lap with her panties being lowered and her butt reddened. He takes his task seriously and has her yelping and kicking her feet in no time. The grand finale is something you definitely need to see. This is an awesome video for all fans of men spanking beautiful women over their knee. This is a real spanking as you will see by her reaction and how RED her ass gets!

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