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Shame Of Hasmabod

Video: Shame Of Hasmabod
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
When American slave girls stop performing their required duties, the men of the desert have an old style of punishment to adminster: The Shame of Hasmabad! Each girl is brought to the ancient palace and, while a city festival ranges just beyond the door, they are stripped completely naked. A condemned man, awaiting execution in the morning, is summoned and required to severely whip, cane and strap each frightened girl. The lash strikes their buttocks, and also their pretty faces and bare feet. And, in keeping with an ancient custom, the condemned man finishes the humiliation by forcing his throbbing member into one of the girl's mouths. Forcing her to bob up and down on his filthy cock, the girl gags and cries out, as she is whipped at the same time. In the end the degraded girl takes a full load of cum straight onto her crying face, tear streaked face. After the cum drips, the condemned man is hanged.

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