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Sent Down Part 2

Video: Sent Down Part 2
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Studio: Bars & Stripes
"Gina's Intake" features a very shocked Gina Moon's first taste of life inside. To make matters worse, Matron finds contraband on her when she is stripped and she is punished harshly for it before being allowed to dress and follow Matron to her sickbay...

"Amy's Intake" features the troublesome Amy Hunter's arrival in prison. Amy proves to be a real handful for Matron and the guard and she is given a long, hard hand spanking. She is allowed to dress, but is rude to Matron, so she suffers a long strapping on her bare bottom before being escorted out to sickbay...

"Zena's Intake" features the entrance of Zena Stones to prison. Upset by her treatment, Zena insults the Matron in her native German. Matron is unimpressed and Zena is punished until she 'fesses up. Poor Zena is then punished further with a strap before being taken to Matron sickbay...

Stars: Amy Hunter, Zena Stones, Gina Moon

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