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Studio: Bondage Maidens
Sweet submissive Erin enters the world of spanks, swats, suspension and forced orgasm here in our latest release: "Sensual Servitude". After a thorough spanking, Erin is strapped to the rotating cross for more intensive attentions as Warlock's flogger and singletail leaves stinging snapshots of her servitude across her creamy and silken fleshy canvas.

Warlock then straps Erin down and spreads her wide in preparation for forced orgasm training. Soon the hum of the vibrator mixes with her moans of abject submissive ecstasy as the combination of pain and pleasure flows through her every nerve ending, her body quivering relentlessly, her arms and legs straining against the binds, unable to stem the constant wave of pleasure coursing through her soul.

Stars: Erin Swift, Master Warlock

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