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Schoolgirl Classic – The Class Of 2002

Video: Schoolgirl Classic - The Class Of 2002
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Studio: California Star Productions
A trio of beautiful college girls are caught by their teacher as they leave a local pub. It's obvious that they have not only been drinking but that they are also truant. Rounded up they are returned to school for some discipline lessons.

The girls' pathetic excuses are ignored and they are ordered to life their skirts for knickers inspection. The first girl gets a bare bottom spanking in front of the other two. A suitable deterrent for future misbehaviors!

This is followed by a leather paddle and caning upon her curvy bottom. When the teacher is satisfied that this young girls' behavior will be modified she turns her talents upon the remaining two.

The class of 2002 gets of no more lightly than any previous year's offenders!

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