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Rudely Interupted & A Bad Vacation

Video: Rudely Interupted & A Bad Vacation
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Two different storylines help to make sure that every bad girl gets her good spanking. Julie plans a trip to Mexico for herself and Courtney. In an effort to economize, Julie books a vacation from hell.

Once the two return, Courtney takes every awful memory out on poor, well-meaning Julie's behind. Julie Simone is a great spankee. She's got a shapely, generous behind and a gorgeous face with the most irresistible, pleading eyes we've ever seen. Courtney gets hers when she and Julie try to share the morning paper. Julie is naturally of a more serious disposition, so she just can't appreciate Courtney's constant comments on the comics.

Pushed to the end of her limits, Julie takes Courtney over her knee. Courtney is soundly spanked over her jeans, then without them, then on her bare behind!!!

Stars: Courtney Chambers, Julie Simone

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