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Room Service / Beyond Control

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Studio: California Star Productions
Young Sophie is quite the clever girl. While ditching classes at St. Lukes she is living it up at the posh Grand Hotel. As fate would have it, the hotel manager, Mr. Mannering, happens to be a close acquaintance of her father and is well aware of her little game. Rather than face her father, Sophie agrees to submit to Mr. Mannering's discipline in exchange for his silence. After several well placed swats of the cane across her exquisite bottom, Sophie begins to question the wisdom of her decision. Her lovely bare behind will long bear the painful marks of her folly.

Mr. Kinsey has decided that lovely Greta needs a lesson in self control. Her smooth, round, pink posterior, now naked and exposed to the punishment he is about to administer, will soon be deep red and throbbing with exquisite pain.

Stars: Greta, Sophie Fennington, Rodney Warren

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