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Riding The Sissy Train

Video: Riding The Sissy Train
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Studio: Fatal Femdom Movies
Gemini has naughty Jeannine in her dungeon for punishment. She can't help being a smart ass little brat so it is to be canning and paddling with no warm up. Gemini goes right into a heavy corporal scene when some guests drop in. They heard the painful strokes and screams and had to see what was happening. The other Mistress has a penis gag for her slave and then it is just a matter of which hole of Jeannine's to stick it in. Gemini fucks this sissy's mouth with a dildo while the other slave fucks her ass with the penis gag while his mistress fingers his ass. Woo Hoo - all aboard the sissy train. After they leave Gemini has the nastiest cane of all to rip up this whore's ass before she takes her turn at bat. She lubes up her strap-on and fucks Jenny Sue until she screams.

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