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Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 5

Video: Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 5
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Sensuous brunette Juliette waits on her knees on the hard ceramic floor for her doctor, Dr. Savage. Her medical scene, or....examination if you will, begins with a breast exam. With nice natural tits like Juliette's, it's simply the appropriate place to begin. Especially when you consider that barehanded tit torture is Master Rick Savage's favorite kind of tit torture. The Master Doctor pulls Juliette's torpedo tits out over the top of her bodice and begins to squeeze, deeply, painfully into her boobs. The visual is a delight for the camera. Rick steps behind Juliette and she winces as Rick squeezes hard, pressing the tit gland against her ribcage. He tells her, "I assure you, your breast exam will be...thorough. A brutally hard tit spanking is now part of Juliette's breast exam. Again the visual is amazing as each time Savage spanks a boob, it jiggles and dances beautifully. Rope bondage is now incorporated into Juliette's medical scene as Master Rick ties Juliette's ankles together, then ties her knees together. Rope is then tied around Juliette's upper torso just above and below her succulent tits. Rope that passes over her shoulders is used to pull her two tittie ropes closer together. The rope is then used to pull her elbows closer together behind her back which causes her natural tits to jut forward nicely. More rope is used to tie her wrists together. The tight rope work really has Juliette's natural bullets protruding forward, just begging for more brutality. After hoisting her skirt and tying a crotch rope snugly in place, the tit torture resumes. First, squeezing deeply into those soft puppies, then a wicked flogging with a small rubber flogger. Rubber has a much meaner bite then leather and soon, Savage is focusing the floggers blows directly on Juliette's hard, brown nipples.

Juliette's nipple torture is taken to a whole new world as sturdy forceps are pinched down directly on the tips of the nipples, twine is tied to the forceps and then the twine is tied to a metal stand over Juliette's head. This painfully pulls her tortured nipples upwards, towards the ceiling. The close-up view of our young patient's nipples pinched and pulled upwards is just a thing of beauty. With such intense stress placed upon the nipples, the pain must be simply excruciating when Doctor Rick takes his little rubber doctor's hammer and smacks her boobs and smacks the forceps. Ouch!

Before the spanking, paddling and general butt punishment begins, rope bondage is used to both restrain and adorn Juliette's lovely ass. The rope around her waste and around her upper thighs serves to form a picture frame around Juliette's beautiful buns. The same ropes decorate her pussy. Ropes around her wrists are tied to her thigh ropes. A large ball gag is strapped into Juliette's mouth. Hard spanking begins and the sound of each firm slap echoes around the medical room. As her sweet buns turn pink, Savage now uses his favorite leather flogger to punish those flaming butt cheeks. And when the pink turns to red, Juliette's pretty buns are then paddled with a large leather paddle.

Further medical tests are in order, so Dr. Savage binds young Juliette to a gurney with her feet on the floor. Intricate rope work frames her shaved pussy. Our patient's pussy torture begins with a hard flogging with Rick's leather flogger, and then Juliette is repositioned into an antique dentist's chair. Her ankles are bound together, but a spreader bar is affixed to the rope around her knees, forcing her legs open and leaving her shaved pussy totally vulnerable. Naturally, her arms and chest are tied to the chair. He says, "Say Ah!" At which point the large ball gag is again tied into Juliette's open mouth. After torturing her pussy and inner thighs with his riding crop and administering a firm pussy spanking with his bare hand, Savage begins to affix zippers to her labia. In all, a totally of 12 sturdy clothespins are used to create the 2 zippers. The camera fades now so that Dr. Savage can wait until Juliette's pussy lips are absolutely throbbing before he removes each zipper. 20 minutes later, he returns, fires up the camera and YANKS on the twine affixed to the clothespins. The zippers tear away from Juliette's shaved pussy lips and she gasps in pain beneath her ball gag. Based on the findings of his test, the doctor determines that Juliette's pussy lips are healthy and normal.

Stars: Juliette, Master Rick Savage

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