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Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 2

Video: Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 2
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As our movie begins, we find Nurse Aiden warming up our young patient, Corrine, by spanking her bare bottom soundly. Corrine looks quite fetching, bent over a gurney, her skirt hiked up to reveal her girlish bum, framed by white stockings and white garters. The "doctor" arrives and takes over Corrine's medical exam. He commands her to strip. Our obedient patient removes her clothing, revealing an utterly amazing set of full, natural boobs. A thorough, DEEP tissue breast exam is absolutely called for. The doctor informs her that this medical procedure might cause extreme discomfort, so it is necessary to place his young patient in bondage. With lite breast bondage framing Corrine's glorious boobs, the doctor begins his painful exam, squeezing, pinching, twisting, his strong hands reaching deep into her tit flesh, pressing and rubbing the breast gland against her rib cage. The camera zooms close so Corrine's magnificent mams fill our entire screen as the Savage doctor, twists, mangles and mauls those precious boobies. Corrine's breast exam includes a hard tit flogging and tit spanking. After a very thorough exploration of Corrine's boobs, the doctor deems another "test" is necessary. The test amounts to zippers comprised of very sturdy wooden clothes pins being affixed to and ripped from Corrine's Jell-O boobs. After the patient calmed down, the doctor decided to conduct this test a second time, just to make sure the results were accurate.

The medical scene moves to the gurney where lots more bondage is in order for the next part of Corrine's exam. Her knees and ankles are bound together, her hands are bound underneath her knees and a rope stretches her ankles upwards, towards the ceiling. Doctor Savage and Nurse Aiden now both proceed to test the resiliency of Corrine's pretty ass cheeks. Their medical instruments are leather paddles and their bare hands. After a long, hard spanking and paddling, Corrine's white ass cheeks are a bright shade of red. Thus, the doctor concludes that Corrine's ass is in perfect health.

Young Corrine's rope bondage is now adjusted and she is re-positioned on the gurney so that her legs are splayed wide open, giving the demented doctor full access to her totally shaved pussy. Corrine's vagina will now endure a few "procedures" that will determine whether her dainty sexual organ is in good health. The first procedure amounts to her pussy being flogged with a small, wicked, rubber flogger. After several blows directly to her clit, the doctor breaks out a candle. This particular candle has a very high melting point, so it will be ideal to "test" the sensitivity of her breasts, torso and pubic area. The extremely hot candle wax causes our pretty patient to twist, spasm and cry out...much to our delight. The doctor's conclusion? Corrine's sensorial reactions are....normal.

For the final segment of her medical scene, Corrine is blindfolded and bound to the gyno table, where her breasts are squeezed and slapped again. We now discover that this sick doctor fancies himself to also be an acupuncturist as several needles are now inserted into Corrine's plump, firm, girlish boobs. The camera zooms close so that we actually see needle pushing against, then pricking through the skin of her boobs. Once again, the doctor concludes that Corrine is "normal." Of course....after such a totally sick and perverse excuse for a medical exam, we'd have to say this anything but.

Stars: Corrine, Master Rick Savage, Aiden Starr

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