Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Revenge – Quick

A haughty office manager is surprised to find that her company has been bought out by a rival firm and that she has a new boss who is furious at her for mistreating her former underlings. He decides that corporal punishment is the only fitting revenge for all her indiscretions. She is subjected to a long and nasty spanking. She squirms and screams as her perfect ass reddens under the cruel hand of her tormentor. An excellent extended length spanking clip!! Servant, Headmistress, Lord, Manor, spanking, OTK, Over the Knee, beauty, whip, lash, sweat, torture, bondage, chains, pain, humiliation, slave, harem, underground, whipping, lashing, flogging, screams, domination, conquest, master, leather, breasts, tits, nipples, cunt, pussy, ass, booty, bum, butt, asshole, clit, torment, S&M, dancer, striptease, chain, rope, shackles, punishment, spanking, slapping, spit, saliva, teats, lips, tongue, sweat, sweating, armpits, blond, black, red, sweaty, thighs, legs, enchained, tormented, tortured, whipped, lashed, flogged, cat o nine tails, bullwhip, single tail whip, cane, caning.

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