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Resolved By Corporal Punishment Episode 6 – Lisa

Video: Resolved By Corporal Punishment Episode 6 - Lisa
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Lisa needed money to secure a new apartment for herself. She intercepted a paycheck earmarked for her boyfriend and got it cashed. When her now ex-boyfriend found out, he filed Small Claims Court papers to get the dough back.

Lisa let us pick up the tab, and then, according to the terms of the Resolved agreement, consented to receive hard, authentic spankings for her actions. Cute Lisa's tight butt is blasted hard, OTK, by hand, then is seared by the wooden paddle.

To make matters worse for Lisa's poor bottom, she must bend way over and receive full-force strokes of the bamboo cane, striping her ass good! Watch how this genuine ass-damaging punishment cracks some sense into this otherwise good girl.

Stars: Lisa

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