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Resolved By Corporal Punishment 9

Video: Resolved By Corporal Punishment 9
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
No one wants to go to court. No one wants to end up with a judgment against them, and/or a court record.

We locate and investigate cases that have been filed, or are about to be filed in Concilliation Courts, involving girls over the age of 18. Then we go into action.

1. We contact the girl and explain that we will completely satisfy the plaintiff's claim against her.

2. We guarantee that we will arrange to have the case against her dismissed, with no record of the girl's involvement if she will agree to one condition: she must visit Raven Hill and submit to corporal punishment in the form of three authentic, bare bottom spankings, to pay for her misdeeds.

Legal binding documents are signed between all parties and the spankings are carried out. Each episode of Resolved By Corporal Punishment is videotaped and the resulting footage is then made available to our fine spanking-interested friends, who, in most cases, agree that spankings just may be the most effective way to curb a young girl's penchant for getting herself into trouble.

Stars: Marissa

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