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Reform School 2

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The fifth feature movie produced by Rigid East is a sequel to the previous story about naughty little Jirina mercilessly punished by her uncompromising neighbour. Since it seems that the trashing administered by Mr. Nový has not been enough, the girl's mother has no other choice but to send her daughter to a reform school for six months.

We will have an opportunity to see how she spends her first day in the school, together with other three schoolmates. It is clear from the very beginning that this is going be no walk through a rose garden. She gets a little foretaste of what to expect right upon her arrival. The very first thing she can see is a bare bottom of one of the inmates mercilessly spanked by the schoolmistress. It is obvious that she loves her job and that re-education of young girls is the mission of her life. Even though she cannot possibly administer every single punishment personally, she always tries to be at least present and to make sure that there is no unnecessary sympathy involved. The girl is crying and screaming with pain. Jirina - as terrified as she can be - has suddenly realised that no matter how bad it might have been at home, this is going to be much, much worse!

Having signed all necessary papers, Jirina's mother is now leaving. She closes the door behind her and Jirina is left completely in mercy of her "teachers". The only result of her objections is her first punishment. She has to take all her clothes off, one by one, until she stands in front of the strict assistant called by the schoolmistress completely naked. Bent over an arm-chair, her bare butt cheeks are being devastated by his leather belt. The pain is almost unbearable. Tears, moans. The schoolmistress - holding the girl's arms down - is laughing right into her face. And as if this humiliation has not been enough, she will be also thoroughly examined whether she is still a virgin!

Evening parade. All sins and lapses are being publicly discussed. After that, four of the inmates are taken away to be disciplined. Oh God Almighty, Jirina is one of them. The fourth girl's bottom is so hacked that she has been spared this time. The strict mistress decides that before proceeding any further, it will be necessary to warm up their bottoms a little bit. Ordering them to pull down their uniforms, the mistress with her assistants start spanking them with their bare hands. The room is full of tears, moans and groans. Their butt cheeks slowly turn red. But this is just a beginning for all girls are then taken to the most horrendous place imaginable - to the torture chamber. The old oaken rack is waiting...

The mistress takes her comfortable seat and starts giving her first orders. Mirka is to be tied down with leather straps and receive twenty five cane lashes. The janitor's hand is firm and merciless and his assistant holds the girl down so she cannot squirm. There is no way out. In addition, the mistress keeps an eye on the entire procedure. Any mercy or sympathy on behalf of the executioner is highly undesirable.

Mirka - sobbing and weeping - is now replaced with Virka. This little girl stands to receive not less then thirty lashes. When facing the cane, none of the inmates ever managed to hold on to their rebelliousness and self-confidence. It is simply too much for them to bear and the staff is very experienced. When it is over, the mistress would thoroughly examine every single girl and see whether her bottom has not been unnecessarily spared. However, all this is nothing compared to what is waiting for Jirina for her endless misbehaviour and aberrance! She has to lie down on her back and lift both her legs. She is getting beaten with a birch over her most private parts. She is swaying from side to side, crying and screaming. No use. She is being kept down by two pairs of mighty arms. Now, she has to turn around. She is going to receive twenty five more lashes over her bare bottom. After that, she will be properly introduced to a special school cane, feared by every single inmate. Fifty times will this horrible instrument come down on her swollen and bloody butt cheeks before it is over. Her sobbing turns to almost animal yelling. Not even in her worst nightmares could she imagine such spanking. Her very first day has been full of pain and humiliation. She cannot even dare to think of those coming.

The mistress is finally satisfied and as a cherry on the top takes one of the girls to her chambers. We can only guess what she is going to do to her.

The Reform School 2 produced by Rigid East Co. is the first film of a series featuring a large groups of girls punished at the same time. You can appreciate not only the hardest trashing you have ever seen, but you can also compare different reactions of individual girls and enjoy their terrified looks as they watch their schoolmates suffer. This interesting element adds another dimension to the already exciting and absorbing story. We are currently preparing other films featuring groups of girls which are guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding viewers.

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