Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Red and Black Spanking

Excited slave rose is being held firmly over Mistress Trish's satin-draped knee. Mistress wishes to make the slave's ass as red as possible, so she starts aggressively spanking the slave's cheeks with Her open hand. She gives the masochist a fast and furious warm-up spanking, with too many resonantly hard alternating cheek spanks to count, until a thunderous OTK rhythm emerges. Each bellowing spank comes faster and harder than the spank before it, until the spanking reaches a peak of continuously formidable smacks - at which point Mistress Trish assails Her slave's cheeks with a firm leather strap. As She wallops more color into the slave's cheeks, Mistress Trish takes pleasure in seeing the slave wince in reaction to the sting of the leather. She keeps escalating the strength of the leather strap slaps until slave rose's ass is a rosy red. Once the color of hir cheeks satisfies Mistress Trish, She finishes slave rose off with sixty tough and rapid alternating cheek spanks.

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