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Ravaged By Rebecca

Video: Ravaged By Rebecca
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Watch 47 minutes of hard bodied blonde domination as perennial favorite Mistress Rebecca Blue teaches big slave marco a lesson or three. Her black spiked boots do some walking on the naked male carpet and then he is turned over the horse for relentless strap-on interspersed with bouts of beatings with the heavy slapper and wooden paddle. She takes a smoke break and then turns his ass and back to pulp with the paddle and quirt before giving him a final brutal caning. Her skilled mouth teases his cock erect between strokes, proving that a horny male can take a lot more punishment.

Mistress Rebecca Blue shows how Her high heeled black boots are made for walking as She stomps on big slave marco, making him squeal and cry underfoot. She moves him to his knees and savagely kicks him over and over before putting on a big strap-on and driving the rubber cock down his throat. After he seizes and gags on Her giant dick, She moves behind him and paddles his ass with the heavy slapper, making him beg Her to fuck him up the ass.

The sadistic blonde is finally satisfied with the slave's pleading for cock. She stops thrashing him with the paddle and steps up for insertion. She crams Her giant cock in his ass and leans in, driving it in to the big rubber balls. He moans and yells as She smiles and puts Her boot up for more leverage. She proceeds to give him the fuck of his life. He seems to be having small orgasms from Her cock and is having too much fun so She picks up the wicked pancake slapper and brings it down on his ass over and over. She enters him again and drills him even harder until he is screaming in pain and pleasure. In a humiliating finale, She makes him kiss and thank the big cock that fucked him so deep.

Mistress Rebecca has a smoke after a hard ass fucking of Her slave. She talks to the camera and blows smoke into your face and then goes back to ravaging marco. He is strong up straight and She begins to beat him with a red whip. She whips him hard and then takes off Her top and produces the long wooden paddle. She paddles him and he screams as his ass begins to get red. She teases his cock with Her talented mouth to get him aroused, knowing he can take more pain when he is horny.

Mistress Rebecca tries to crack the wooden paddle on marco's ass. He dances and yells into his gag as She laughs. She tells him they will play a game; She will suck his cock for ten seconds and then he will be beaten for ten seconds in a constant rotation until he can't take anymore. She beats and sucks him and then picks up the wicked quirt and starts to mark his back. He dances and jerks as the harsh whip immediately brings up welts. She circles him like a blonde shark, striking him everywhere until he is reeling from the pain. In a final act of sadism, She uses the cane to show him what corporeal punishment really means.

Stars: Slave Marco, Mistress Rebecca Blue

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