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Railroad Office Spanking

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Studio: California Star Productions
Mrs. Baxter, like so many others see C.P. as the first choice of discipline for wayward employees. So when young Sophie comes to see her, complaining of financial difficulties and asking for a pay raise, she is anxious to practice on her, seeing as how Sophie's work has been quite slow and inefficient.

After speaking to a friend who works around the corner at Mr. Grimes strip club, Sophie feels that she would be better off working there. As she can make the same amount for 20 minutes worth of spanking as she can working an entire week for Mrs. Baxter.

Little does Sophie know that Mrs. Baxter and Mr. Grimes know each other quite well, and just the previous week, Mr. Grimes brought a young woman over for some discipline training. When the session was over however, Mr. Grimes left some of his implements behind.

This was most beneficial to Mrs. Baxter, because she convinced Sophie to agree to a very strong paddling and caning, in exchange for her raise in pay.

Much to Sophie's dismay, the painful punishment was so severe that her firm, round bottom became blistered after the beating.

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