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Studio: California Star Productions
A right little madam has been put in charge of finding girls for a special assignment involving spanking and caning. Her advertisement in Stage Magazine, however, doesn't clearly say what the girls are required to do. When the first young woman arrives, she is put on a modeling podium for examination. The poor girl is humiliated when the Madam points out that she has lied about her age on the application and gets angry with the Madam.

The Madam anxious to try out some spanking and caning for the lucrative contract, and unwilling to take any of the young woman's lip, orders her to strip.

It proves to be her lucky day though, as this recruit is very much into the subject herself and is only too happy to teach her some of her methods. When a Russian girl turns up, they both smack and cane her together, changing the color of the poor tearful girls bottom. Meanwhile in preparation for her interview, one other young woman is having her gorgeous bare bottom smacked by her boyfriend.

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