Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Punished for Wearing Panties

Mistress Trish is very disappointed to find out that slave lauren has violated the rule that she is not allowed to wear panties while she is in the house. Trish orders the slave to get over her knee so that she can give her a not so gentle reminder that panties are not allowed by spanking her lovely ass until it is so sore that wearing panties would hurt. The slave's soft pale skin takes the impressions of Trish's firm hand well. Her cheeks are quickly a glowing, pained, red color. To help alleviate her disappointment Trish gives slave lauren over a hundred hard and fast spanks. As she rubs her hands over the slave's pained ass Trish queries, "do you think that it is sore enough that it would hurt for you to wear panties?" slave lauren responds that her ass is indeed sore enough. Trish decides otherwise and continues to deliver another round of extra hard spanks. Finally satisfied with her punishment she treats the trembling slave to her sharp fingernails raking additional pain over her bright red bottom before she stops to admire her handy work.

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