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Studio: Red Hot Video Productions
Misty Morocco
Misty makes a very nice living modeling for car magazines and serving as eye candy at auto shows. We decided to contact Miss Morocco and suggest that she broaden her horizons, as it were, by starring in one of our movies. "What are your movies about, and how much do I get paid?" the lady asked, cutting straight to the chase, whereupon we cheerfully provided sufficiently vague answers to both her questions. She showed up right on time too. Problem is, the egoistical wench was more keen on bragging about her recently acquired lifestyle than in doing the job for which she was hired. Clearly there were some major delusions of grandeur going on here and for her own good, if for no other reason, this lady needed to be brought back down to reality in a big way. Of course, nothing works quite so quickly as a good old fashioned ass spanking for accomplishing as much. And....this particular ass was a most interesting specimen indeed. Though unquestionably trim and exquisitely sculpted, Miss Morocco's bottom showed itself to be surprisingly soft and malleable when properly addressed.

Having insisted upon being served imported wine of a specific vintage and brand immediately upon her arrival, Sherilyn proceeded to demonstrate far more interest in this rather pricey perk than in doing the job for which she was hired. Now far be it from us (of all people) to begrudge a lady her midday buzz. However...When that same lady all but transforms our photographer into a cocktail waitress and then has the gall to complain that the photo shoot is taking too long, well...A stern lesson in workplace temperance would seem to be in order. We of course knew just the man to provide it and he, of course, had his own ideas on just where to apply it. And the "where" he had in mind was a fine, fine looking place indeed !Smooth, firm and well exercised but with just enough surface jiggle to bring a coarse smile to even the most pious of countenances. Heh-heh. Every now and again a young lady crosses our doorstep and proceeds to actually anger our man.

We're not talking about mere annoyance here or even disappointment tinged with a dab of anger, we're talking about truly pissing the man off. Such was the case when Kandy, a gorgeous long limbed brunette came calling. Came calling, that is, well over an hour after we had laboriously completed our preparations for her arrival. It wasn't so much the young lady's tardiness that landed her on his bad side. In this industry, after all, such events are but a minor faux pas. The dismissive, even brazen, tone she used in blowing the issue off was another matter however. More galling still was Kandy's choosing this exact time and place to renegotiate her already not ungenerous contract. This 27 year old hottie was conducting her affairs like a con woman. And a seasoned one at that! Our man's reply was nothing if not quick and sure. The vehemence, even ferocity, with which he delivered his argument was startling to be sure but not, we thought, inappropriate given the circumstances. Kandy's ripe posterior, in appearance and effect, a crimson red flag dancing audaciously still under the enraged bull's gaze, was reason enough.

Stars: Kandy, Sherilyn, Misty Morocco

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