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Penitent Wife – Miss Armstrong

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Studio: California Star Productions
Mr. Watkins has a sure formula for restoring discipline to his marriage. When the Mrs. fails to keep her husband informed of her whereabouts, when she falls behind schedule or doesn't have dinner prepared, Mr. Watkins has two choices. He could ignore the problem and let her continue to repeat her errors, or he can administer traditional English discipline. For Mr. Watkins the solution is clear. A sound spanking on the bare posterior, first with the bare hand, then with the limber cane. Rest assured, Mr. Watkins has the situation well in hand.

Wayward pupil Trudie Baxter finds herself on the wrong side of battle-axe Miss Armstrong. When Baxter oversleeps one morning and misses the school excursion, Miss Armstrong finds her chores to do. When Trudie refuses, she is spanked over the knee on her bare bottom. She considers this harsh treatment, but her punishment really begins when Head Teacher Alistair Bates returns from the trip. Bates has a no-nonsense approach to these situations and sends for his cane. Baxter is to be caned severely as a lesson to others.

Stars: Caroline Shields, Nancy Tulley, Gordon Wells

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