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Peeping Tom At St. Luke’s & Double The Strokes

Video: Peeping Tom At St. Luke's & Double The Strokes
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Studio: California Star Productions
In "Peeping Tom", Meadows is caught watching two female teachers having a strap-on session in the common room. When she is reprimanded by the Vice Principal and told to go to the study she knows what is about to happen! She must keep her lips sealed, because a bare bottomed caning and spanking are in order by the VP.

And in "Double The Strokes", a father is dealing with the misbehavior of his twin stepdaughters. They are receiving a hearty spanking on their pale white bottoms when Mrs. returns from a trip into town. It doesn't take hubby long before he becomes aroused by her, but instead of offering her dinner he decides to administer a severe caning on her firm behind leaving a series of red welts.

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