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Panties? Again? Really?

When Mistress Trish discovers that slave lauren has broken the no panties in the house rule again she is more than happy to punish the slave for breaking the rules. She orders lauren to take her panties off so that she can wear them as a gag while Trish punishes her. Amused by how silly, and cute, the slave looks with her mouth stuffed with panties Trish removes her panties as well and pushes them into lauren's mouth before ordering her over her knee so that she can give her a good, firm, spanking. Lauren's lilly white ass cheeks are quickly a ruby red color under Trish's hand. Between sets of eleven hard, stingy, open handed spanks Trish asks lauren what the rule is about panties in the house. Through her panty stuffed mouth the slave is barely able to mumble an answer. Trish takes her inarticulateness as a reason to continue spanking her cheeks. Eventually, still unsatisfied with lauren's answer to her question but almost satisfied with the glowing redness of her ass, Trish decides that eleven cane strokes on either cheek will help the forgetful slave remember the rules. She chooses a nice and whippy cane. Then she welts slave lauren's lovely ass with pain, just enough so that whether or not she is wearing panties will not be something that the slave is unaware of again.

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