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Painful Payday

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Studio: California Star Productions
Today is Friday, "Payday", but Mr. Liam is not very happy with two of his employees. Things are not up to par around the office and action must take place before signing paychecks. When Kitty shows up to collect her paycheck Mr. Liam decides to give her a good old fashioned spanking before handing it over. A hard spanking followed with a heavy leather strap. Before long, Tiffany shows up to grab her check too. Well, Tiffany has been through this before, and knew exactly what to expect. A firm hand spanking over the knee, then a hard red acrylic paddle. Next it's the 7 tail belt strap followed with a good strong caning. This is one film you don't want to miss!

Stars: Mistress Gemini, Liam, Kitty Pause, Tiffany Cummings

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