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Painful Cheeks – Shades Of Red

Video: Painful Cheeks - Shades Of Red
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Studio: Bruce 7 Productions
Danyel Cheeks is interested in doing a bondage movie. But after shooting, Danyel and Sam (her husband) stayed around. I tied Danyel up again and showed her what B&D is all about. She must have liked it because this is her first bondage movie, and she is great.

To round out the cast, we have Casee, who I love dearly. To say I'm glad to have her back is an understatement. Also on hand was Sydney St. James who wanted to shoot a bondage movie before she moved to Chicago. All in all, it's a pretty good bondage movie. Something you won't see from anyone else.

Stars: Sydney St. James, Danyel Cheeks, Casee

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