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Video: Paid & Paid Back
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
The Story Behind The Story: Beverly and Sarah, of Punished Brats fame, came to the West Coast to make the rounds performing in spanking videos for all the California companies. By the time they got to us, they were both super bruised. But, since they'd paid for their trip themselves and we knew they needed to make all the money they'd planned on making, we didn't have the heart to send them away upon seeing how marked up their behinds were. So, we trashed the three short scenes we'd planned to shoot with them and quickly came up with this Aunt Chelsea plot. What's a fake aunt to do? Sarah Gregory came back, if you can believe it, because she wanted me to spank her some more. We did a short to tag on to the end of this video called, "The Un-Happy Birthday Spanking," about a 21 year old who gets so drunk at her birthday party she falls off the bar stool and bruises her behind. Of course, her mom (me) has to spank her for that when she gets home. Sarah was REALLY cute in this one and she took a REALLY good spanking, too!

The Story: Aunt Chelsea's naughty nieces sneak out of the house to participate in a spanking video production they found out about from an ad in the paper. The spanking video sounds sexually adventurous and the subsequent paycheck doesn't sound too bad, either. They return the evening after with money to spend and bruised bottoms to show for their day's work. Sarah, the younger sister, and Beverly begin comparing their marked bottoms and how hard a spanking each endured. Soon the two are engaged in full blown sibling rivalry in the form of a spank-off! First Beverly spanks Sarah, which Sarah allows in order to prove she can take the hardest spanking. Then Beverly gets her chance to top her sister from the bottom, while Sarah works to even out the markings on her sister's behind.

Aunt Chelsea hears this ruckus going on in her living room and quickly goes in to see what's going on. When she finds Sarah spanking Beverly, then see's Beverly's bruised bottom cheek, THEN finds out what the two girls have gone and done she immediately takes the girls to task. Imagine her horror at discovering that her two nieces, even if they are old enough to do so, appeared in a professional spanking video! Most un-lady like by her estimations.

Chelsea decides that since Beverly and Sarah like spanking so much they wanted to get paid for being spanked, it's time the two were spanked for REAL! She takes each girl over her knee, one at a time, while the other watches her sister being punished. These spankings aren't fun and the girls don't get any money for them, either!

Stars: Chelsea Pfeiffer, Sarah Gregory, Beverly Bacci

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