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A naughty little blonde girl has been sent to the master for discipline. She arrives in her knee-high socks and a skirt that is way too short. The master is incredulous that she would arrive dressed in such a way. He wastes no time, lifting her skirt and pulling down her panties to administer a bare handed spanking.

To show her he means business, he bends the little blonde girl over his custom-made spanking table. He designed it himself in order to administer the most judicious and efficient punishment to insolent little girls like her.

He bounds her hands to the one end of the table, he uses her own panties to restrict the movement of her legs as lays her bare bottom over the table leaving it prone and waiting for the punishment she so rightly deserves. He alternates between the black leather paddle and his bare hand bringing her pale white bottom to a gleaming shade of red. The blonde girl's cries grow louder and more pitiful as the spanking continues unceasingly. Finally, he relents and unbinds her leaving her kneeling on the floor with hear head bowed and sobbing uncontrollably. Whatever her infraction, she surely paid the price for it.

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