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Office Rules

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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
When the receptionist got her ass blistered. There's nothing worse than a Receptionist who is a slacker. Pam has been more interested in talking on the phone with her boyfriend, than fielding the important calls for her boss. And she can't keep the files straight. Despite numerous warnings, Pam just won't curb her bad habits, so matters must be addressed in a swift and results-oriented fashion. Right at her desk, Pam is surprised by two outside consultants, commissioned by her boss, who interface with her, utilizing a variety of techniques and tools. She is immediately bent over and whacked on her bare rump, then forced into a number of humiliating positions to receive more and more stinging spankings. By the time the ordeals is over, poor little Pam and bamboo cane. For good measure, she's also whipped on her pussy, her tits, and even her chatty tongue!

Stars: Pam

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