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Studio: Moonglow
Nursing Her Bottom: Amy Cole has just returned to nursing since her children have started school. However, she still like to enjoy herself. Within a couple of weeks, her husband finds something in the car that gives away her affair with a male nurse. Furious he decides that some punishment for his erring wife is long overdue. A firm believer in chastised wife when necessary, he soundly spanks, straps and then canes his wife. Her shapely bottom is ideal for this solution. But she is very late for work. Sister catches her as she tries to creep into the ward, still rubbing her bottom.

Soundly ticked off, she is told that she will be in trouble if she is late again. Only a week later, she arrives chatting away on her mobile, and nearly half an hour late. The bossy young sister tells her to attend her office at the end of the shift. Now Amy is unaware of the Sister's inclinations. She makes Amy stand while she spanks her, one hand strapping her bottom, the other exploring her body. This turns Amy on, much to her consternation. Suddenly, she has had enough and pushes the sister away roughly. Astonished, the Sister gets out the cane, and makes Amy bend over her desk. Wounded by her passes being rejected, she lays into Amy's bottom with her whippy cane. When she finally lets Amy stand, her tears have made her mascara flow down her face. Amy's humiliation at being caned by a women ten years her junior is complete. She would prefer her husband strapping her bottom any time! [49 minutes]

The Joy Riders: More trouble in the sixth form. A housemaster tells two girls to wait in his study until he returns, and in particular not to use the school jeep. Bored they decide to go for a joy ride; just at the end of the drive they meet another master coming up the drive. They have to back all the way up. Now the masters are furious. Together, they punish the girls in the traditional way. Red bottoms guaranteed. [29 minutes]

Stars: Amy Cole

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