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Not Your Typical: Date Eden’s S/M Date Vol. 1

Video: Not Your Typical: Date Eden's S/M Date Vol. 1
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
Eden, a lovely blonde, is in for a big surprise when her date takes her home!

Before she knows it, she finds herself suspended on a sex swing! And, shortly afterwards, she's hogtied and gets spanked... She also gets paddled and whipped at length, all over, including on her pussy. Her breasts get paddled and then receive nipple clamps and breast pumps. And she gets caned, too. But she likes it all!

When she needs to pee, her date makes her pee through her panties, onto the floor, while still hogtied on the sex swing! After she gets released from the swing, she has to mop the floor with her hands tied up behind her back, and her panties down to her ankles - a very awkward, but intensely sexy, mopping job!

Stars: Eden, Andre Chance

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