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Closely studying the works of world cinema, there's one interesting fact we simply can't overlook. Have you noticed that many classic movies end right before the moment when the following words are uttered? „Bend over, raise your skirt and pull down your panties. You deserve a sound whipping!"

We don't have to explain why many like-minded movie-goers are displeased by this. We have also noticed this frustrating tendency in fairy tales or do you think that the queen wouldn't beat Snow White before banning her?

Or Cinderella? She lives in the world where the cane or switch would feast on the girl's naked body every day.

So we decided we should put things right.

In our new movie, Lupus Pictures exploits a story that gained huge success both as a musical and movie. Be honest ? don't you agree that Eliza Doolittle?s education could have been more effective if, for instance, the above-mentioned cane had been used?

Similar stories have happened and are happening everywhere; a well-off professor, doctor or even lawyer finds a simple uneducated girl, whom he raises to a higher class. This is an ideal breeding ground for the screenwriter's heart, director's soul and finally, the spectator's eye. So we made a movie where you don't have to be afraid of early endings and unfinished actions. The story takes place in old Prague, a beautiful setting full of interesting people of all classes, living intertwined lives.

For the curious we will only reveal that two girls act as pretty flower girls, though only one of them gets educated and enters a better society. The other one is left with their strict father, an old boor who keeps a cane at hand and switches his daughter right in front of guests... so severely that only the policemen rushing in can stop him.

To learn the rest of the story and the fate of the poor girl in the hands of the professor and his strict housekeeper, see our movie My Unfair Lady.

The famous Lars Moebius plays the part of the elderly professor, with the director acting in the episode as the professor's old friend. My Unfair Lady has all the popular attributes of a classic spanking movie. plus witty dialogue, a great setting and finally the exhilarating feeling that this time history is put right and Liza will get what she deserves.

Stars: Jan Zlatousty, Lars Moebius, Helena Kubecova, Ester Slaba, Jarmila Hejdukova

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