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Mrs. G: Behavior Modification Therapist Case File #2

Video: Mrs. G: Behavior Modification Therapist Case File #2
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Studio: HydroMadam Productions
Dante Posh has complaints about her boyfriend's behavior at home. To solve her problems, she brings him to Mrs. G, "Behavior Modification Therapist" for "fixing."

Mrs. G explains to Dante how to modify his behavior, with spanking, anal probing and enemas. Mrs. G shows how to give a spanking, prostate exam and an enema. Joe will need these disciplines on a regular basis to maintain his, soon to be improved behavior.

Mrs. G demonstrates everything first, explaining as she goes along. Then in turn Dante shows everything she has learned, under Mrs. G's watchful eye.

Stars: Joe, Mrs. G, Dante Posh

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