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Maximum Impact & Casting Couch Caning

Video: Maximum Impact & Casting Couch Caning
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Studio: California Star Productions
Arriving at her office one morning, a beautiful agent finds the cleaning crew still there. Apparently they had decided to have a rousing party. They were still so drunk that they could barely stand. Knowing that she has an extremely important meeting set up for the day, the agent is none too pleased. What better way to deal with the problem than to go to her cupboard and fetch a very nasty looking birch.

In no uncertain manner, she orders the girls to remove their panties and puts them in extremely compromising positions in order for her to get maximum impact with her birch. This takes a bit of the cheek from the girls, but what finally seals their fate is when a swishy cane is introduced, relentlessly and repeatedly thrashing across their bottoms. The punishment is extraordinarily painful, using every ounce of strength of the agent. Once finished, she sends them to a shower.

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