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Mandy Goodhandy In Rub A Dub Dub – Bad Boys In Her Club

Video: Mandy Goodhandy In Rub A Dub Dub - Bad Boys In Her Club
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Studio: Mayhem North
After a long hiatus, Mandy Goodhandy, CEO of Goodhandy Enterprises Inc. returns to punish a new series of boys. Mandy Goodhandy's debut spanking video ''Hanky-Panky Gets Spanky Spanky'' and ''Five Card Studs'' became cult sensations in the Canadian media back in 2002 (receiving ''Best of'' porn accolades from several noted journalists)and she went on to direct almost 100 hardcore gay porn titles in the interim. Mandy Goodhandy returns on the other side of the camera in ''Rub-A-Dub-Dub Bad Boys in Her Club'' with the same comical sensibility as the first releases, and with the same focus: which is to display boys asses for those who are connoisseurs of asses and spanking. Half comedy, half porn, all improv, Mandy takes five of her male porn models and Toronto nightclub staff through the paces in this new title. - Todd Klinck, Producer

Scene 1:

Mandy Spanks the Staff. Mandy Goodhandy has opened her own nightclub in Toronto, a club called ''Goodhandy's''. As per usual, Mandy staffs her new business with only good looking young men. She only drops in on occasion, and usually finds the boys misbehaving. On this day, the Club is closed and the boys are finishing up their closing duties. One last thing remains to be done. The mats are still out on the dance floor. They had been used for the show that evening. Frank is supposed to be the one to put them away but he's refusing, saying it's not his job. Christophe tries to encourage him to do his job and they get into an argument and decide to work it out by wrestling on the mats. They take off their clothes down to their underwear and begin to wrestle. Jeremy, who is the bartender, gets in on this too. He takes off his clothes and jumps in. They wrestle around and pull at each others underwear and spank each other.

Mandy Goodhandy steps in to break up this juvenile display. They had no idea she was still in the club. The boys have been neglecting their duties and Mandy Goodhandy is going to get to the bottom of it! She questions the boys as to how this all got started and who's at fault. The boys can't seem to agree and someone's telling a lie. The boys are on the verge of getting fired but, they have a choice. Either they accept their punishment, or they get fired. Mandy Goodhandy has the perfect punishment in mind. A good, old fashioned, bare ass spanking!

Christophe gets it first. Mandy Goodhandy bends him over her knees and spanks him hard. Frank, who's been very mouthy gets his next. Then Jeremy. She makes the boys stand in a line and pull down their underwear so she can see how red their asses are. She's not satisfied so she gets them to take off their underwear completely and one by one she dishes out a second round of spankings. This time even harder. Now the boys are directed to go up onto the stage and bend over to display their asses. She commands Christophe and Jeremy to spank Frank. Then she discovers something else they've done wrong. An empty glass has been found on one of the barrels. All three are at fault for this one so she has them deliver spankings to each other. Frank keeps giggling and Mandy won't let them go until he stops with the subordination. Mandy gets the boys to bring up a chair and each one has a turn getting spanked again by Mandy. This time they sit on the chair with the other two boys on either side holding his legs up in the air while she spanks them. Then she has the boys spank each other in the same way. Frank seems to be the only one who hasn't learned his lesson so the other two boys keep spanking him until he has learned his lesson.

Scene 2:

Mandy Goodhandy was having a really nice time at a garden party / slash / cotillion. Her cellphone rings, and it's one of her managers. He is calling to inform her that 2 of her go-go boys were performing oral sex on each other in front of hundreds of onlookers in a downtown Toronto park (during Folsom Fair North, a fetish festival). The boys were supposed to be promoting her nightclub by handing out flyers, not sucking cock, so Mandy is very disappointed to hear this, and immediately comes back from her cotillion to get to the bottom of the situation. When she finds out that the boys (Justin and Devon) are indeed guilty, she punishes them by spanking them, and getting them to spank each other.

Scene 3:

Bonus - Justin and Devon shower, before the Mandy spanking scene.

Scene 4:

Bonus - Behind the scenes with Jeremy, Frank, and Christophe and previews for other Mayhem North titles.

Stars: Devon, Frank, Justin, Jeremy, Christophe, More...

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