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Lupus Pictures – Bonus Pack 2

Video: Lupus Pictures - Bonus Pack 2
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Studio: RGE-Films
We carefully chose one spanking scene from every movie to cover the complete spectrum of scenes and actions of Lupus Pictures movies. We offer you nine unedited scenes with remastered sound from both cameras, so you will see each scene two times: first time from camera one and then same scene from camera two.

You will be able to see moments not available in previous versions from these nine movies:

LP-015: Stalin 1
LP-017: The Governess
LP-018: Teacher's Exam Meeting
LP-021: The Eighth Commandment
LP-022: The Exchange Student
LP-028: The Recognition of the Great Marquis
LP-033: Girlfriends
LP-042: Vote for the EU
LP-052: My Unfair Lady

100 minutes of pure, continuous, unedited action!!!

Stars: Niki Flynn, Eva Sulistova, Daniela Brauerova, Renata Sukova, Ester Slaba, Katerina Schubertova, Jirina Horvathova, Jarmila Hejdukova

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