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Lady Vernon Strikes Again

Video: Lady Vernon Strikes Again
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Studio: California Star Productions
Having heard of Lady Vernon's Reputation as a strict disciplinarian the local policewoman phones her requesting her assistance with an especially unruly female repeat offender. The police have tried everything to no avail!

Lady Vernon accepts the contract and tells the policewoman to bring the girl over immediately. Once there, the girl is terrified at the variety of discipline implements to be used against her bare bottom. When it is clear that she is struggling with the hand spanking she orders the policewoman to restrain her in anticipation of the pain to come when she begins to use both paddles and cane!

We later learn that the W.P.C.'s superior officer has declared this discipline to be the most improper and that she will not pay Lady Vernon for her services. Furious, Lady Vernon heads over to W.P.C. headquarters and metes out the same sort of hard punishment against the superior officer as was given to the repeat offender.

Stars: Lady Vernon

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