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Jenna’s Punishment for Poor Grades and Sex Tapes, Session 1

This is the first of 4 punishment sessions that Jenna received for her poor grades and possible involvement in sex tapes. This session establishes the tone of all sessions, ending with a severe strapping during her 4th session. This first session starts with Jenna receiving 6 hard face-slaps. And she receives several OTK spankings since she just does not seem to be able to behave properly. She receives 352 hand slaps on her bare bottom! In addition she is made to kneel on a worktable to be inspected and then whipped. She receives 83 strokes of the Slut Behavior-Adjustment Strap. OTK again she receives 20 strokes of a paddle. Jenna is severely punished in each of these 4 sessions.

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