Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Jenna’s Domestic Punishment

Jenna is late for an appointment with her Headmaster, and he starts in on her with spankings and inspections that take up her after-school time. This is a long domestic-type spanking punishment session. In several different OTK spanking sessions, Jenna is slapped 976 times. In particular, she is given a 6-minute continuous OTK spanking at the end with 620 slaps! You can see her frustration and pain from each slap as her Headmaster just keeps on slapping her bare bottom! Mainly, she is spanked for being disobedient to her girlfriend and boyfriend. She is required to submit to whatever they tell her to do. She is also given a legs-up and spread inspection, including a vaginal inspection. In addition to being spanked by hand, Jenna is spanked 13 times with a paddle and receives 105 cracks of a riding crop! This is just a very domestic-type spanking session in which Jenna is repeatedly lectured ... spanked ... inspected ... spanked ... lectured ... submissively models ... spanked ... ... well, you get the idea!

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